MINDFUL BODY is a holistic body&mind workout experience.

By combining strength, cardio, mobility and coordination it works the body in ways that lead to a leaner, more toned and overall fit body. Besides it works on a much deeper level on the emotional state of mind. It can help release stress, clear stagnant energy, renew balance and confidence. In a safe space it allows us to accept ourselves in the beautiful wholeness that we are.
It simply lets us BE.

Our qualified, warm hearted teachers and curated music will be by your side guiding you trough the whole experience.

MINDFUL BODY is a safe space to be, feel and fully surrender into what is. It helps giving our emotions a voice and understanding how strong we are. It allows us to connect with our inner SUPERHERO. Understanding that this is our life. We can either live it out of a place of fear or out of a place of LOVE. That it is our CHOICE.

Mindful Body is taught in english.
All levels welcome

September 5 @ 10:00
10:00 — 10:45 (45′)

Main Stage

Verena Hoflehner

Body Concept Vienna